What is it about the seaside that makes us happy? Could it be the wild yet peaceful feelings it shares with us? This question can be answered in many ways, but no matter what, the effect on the body and mind is profound….

The sea captivates humans with its majestic beauty and power. Our senses are immersed in the salty air, the wind caresses our body, and the sensation signals peace to our souls.

With its high mineral content and protein rich algae, sea water is the restorative elixir of earth’s largest natural spa. The healing powers of our global coastlines are a wonder. Being near the ocean provides nurtures both body and soul.

At Beach Sandy our purpose is to spread the benefits of sea therapy. In this section we will share with you the many ways you can elevate your spirit, and explore new ideas. Bliss out at the Beach!

Colors & Sound

Blue has a calming effect on the mind. Blue sky with blue water brings serenity, and is associated with inspiration and spirituality. Blue reduces stress hormones, helping one to feel happy, calm, and strong.

The echo of waves is a musical delight. It is an easy, comforting sound. The rhythm of ocean waves is similar to the rhythm of delta waves in our brain when we are in deep sleep. The repetitive and soothing sound allows you to shift gears from the overload of daily life to the peace of the sea.


The seaside is a wonderful place of reflection and meditation. The sea air is filled with negative ions that have proven health benefits including an increase of oxygen to the brain, neutralizing free radicals, enhancing immune function, increasing serotonin, and best of all clearing the air of airborne allergens. When our bodies get fueled with good elements the wellbeing of or mind will happen easily.

Sea Therapy Way

How can we make the most of sea therapy?

Head out to coastal spots whenever you can. Engage your senses. Lose yourself in the sound of the surf. Smell the salty air, feel the warmth of sun and sand, and the caress of the ocean breeze. Focus on your favorite sensations and you will feel grounded, present and alive.

When you can’t get to the beach easily, use your imagination to transport yourself. Re-live all your favorite sensations, make it feel real, close your eyes and take yourself away to your favorite spot.