“The ocean stirs the heart and brings joy to the soul”


sujata eyrick profile picture 

Beach Sandy founder, Sujata Eyrick, designer and nature lover has spent her life exploring beautiful beaches. Family, kindness, joy, freedom, fitness and being inclusive to all….these are the values that she wakes up to look for everyday. Sujata’s seaside passion has led her from the Hamptons, Virginia Beach to the Outer Banks, Isle of Palms and Miami on the East Coast. Malibu and Laguna Beach on the West, St. Barth’s and various islands of the Caribbean, to all the beautiful beaches of the Hawaiian Islands, and even as far as the exotic South Pacific paradises of Bora Bora and Huahine.

Time spent at the beach and coastlines overlooking majestic bodies of water as waves crash and seagulls fly have brought an element of sea therapy into Sujata’s life. The fresh air by the sea and the profound effect it has on health, well-being along with a dose of peace, is the driving force that inspired her company.


sujata eyrick montageIn Sujata’s earlier years, she designed fashion accessories for high end boutiques, celebrities and the Hollywood film industry. As time went on, her seaside travels became more frequent and responsibilities of being a mother changed her course. As the ebb and flow of life changed and transitioned into family life she found during travels the need to keep all of the beach gear clean. This was the start of creating a family beach brand. The Beach Sandy sand remover brush kit was the first product. One successful product led to the next.

Sujata is now able to combine everything she values….creating beach and coastal lifestyle inspired products, using them with her family and friends on beautiful beaches and spreading positivity, motivation and wellness through her sea therapy exploration. 


“Come Join Us And Become Part Of Our Global Family… See You At The Beach!”
- Sujata